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What is a landing page on a website? 

Are you confused between a landing page and the homepage of a website? There is a difference between both of them. A home page of a website consists of various links for the available content, multiple images, links, CTA, about, store, etc., on the other hand, the landing page targets a specific CTA goal that is conversation. Continue reading to know more about it in detail. 

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Why landing page in important?

If you wish to grow your business surprisingly, digital marketing strategy plays a crucial role in it. A tactfully designed website receives more CTA (call to action), like an increase in brand awareness and getting customer details. Hence businesses avail of digital marketing services to increase returns. One of its integral parts is a landing page. 

In simple words, a landing page on a website is the targeted standalone page that a potential customer can land on by clicking through an ad, email, text, pop-up, or any other digital location. It does not contain so many other links and promotional content that can redirect the customer to other pages, miss leading the genuine purpose of creating the page. 

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Understand how a landing page is different from a home page 

A home page has various goals to achieve along with achieving the target, such as growth in sales. A home page serves as a hub of information to lead different groups of audiences on their desired searches. While a landing page has only one CTA goal to achieve and is usually visited by the people who have already ventured deeper into knowing about your product and are ready to convert. Thereby, a beautiful and convincing landing page design matters a lot. 

For instance, when you open a website, various things appear on the screen, such as about, store, numerous links, images, etc. Whereas, when you open a particular page by clicking on the link, it contains pervasive but persuasive information to engage positive customers who are ready to respond. Landing pages are more helpful in generating RTO (Return to Investment). A digital marketing agency helps in creating a landing page that is prone to get more responses. 


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