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What are the newest trends in website design?

In today’s digital world, creators and creativity are a necessity. The online presentation matters. And so, for the development of the websites, it is important to see some web designing trends that are created by website designing agencies. The website designing agency makes sure to come up with profitable designs that help in the growth of the company. Check out some latest web designing trends, as follows-

Typographic Hero Image

These designs are the typo ones where the message or idea is directly conveyed through the typed text, forming the first impression that connects the audience in the first go. 

Memphis Design 

These web designs are interactive and attention-seeking, being colorful. These designs are filled with pop-up colors and that’s why catch the eye of the viewer.

Visible Borders

Visible borders make the website look clean and understandable. It helps in separations and that’s why is still added under the latest web design trends.

Creative Scrolling experience 

These are simply the scroll screen websites, where you get into the imaginative world on screen, through the graphics.

Retro Revolution

These late 80’s-90s web designs include colors, variations, simple shapes, and graphics. Nevertheless, they catch the eyes and they are basic and understood by almost everyone. 


Coming from the era of Brutalism practiced in the ’50s and ’60s, this is a trending web design that keeps the website raw, original, and classy, by keeping it minimalistic.

Handmade Graphics 

Handmade Graphics are still in the website design trend and are going day by day, due to the advancement in creativity and talent. 

Moving Type

Another web design trend is Moving Type, it takes less animation work and contains moving letters and scrolling tickers. 

Engaging Interactives

An in-trend website design containing motion graphics. It includes features like- swiping, moving, bouncing, or motion imageries. 


Published by kamal Hasan

Kamal Hasan is an SEO Specialist, he has completed 4 years in the digital marketing industry and contributed many articles. He writes about digital marketing and website designing content for websites that rank higher. Kamal is working with Battersea Web Expert it’s a digital marketing agency that provides a complete solution for online marketing includes SEO, SMO, PPC, Video Marketing, Web Design, etc.

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